Episode 3 - Hjärnornas kamp

Aired: March 4, 1985

director.gif (905 bytes)Johan Bergenstråhle


Thommy Berggren ... August Strindberg
Stina Ekblad ... Siri von Essen
Stellan Skarsgård ... Verner von Heidenstam
Birgitte Simonsen ... Marie David
Gabriel Barylli ... Dr. Sigmund Freud
Lennart R. Svensson ... Gustaf Steffen
Axel Corti ... Dr. Charcot
Göran Stangertz ... Carl Larsson
Marta Lachova ... Kvinna i elstol
Eva Mária Chalupová ... Blance Wittman
Lone Helmer ... Sofie Holten
Louise Sandquist ... Strindbergs barn
Rebecca Sandquist ... Strindbergs barn


Based on the book by per Olov Enquist, this six-part mini-series is about the life of Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter, August Strindberg. He is portrayed as misogynous, selfish and racial. And he loses everything, for the sake of  art. In the third episode, the  relationship between August and Siri becomes increasingly hateful. Siri suggests that August is not the father of the children and his jealousy is not diminished by Siri's intimate games with friend Marie David. Then Verner von Heidenstam takes August to Paris to see Professor Charcot's experiments on hysterical women.