(Report to Heaven)


Sweden, 1994

director.gif (905 bytes) Ulf Malmros


Johan Widerberg - Victor
Lina Englund - Anna
Stellan Skarsgård - Gary
Kjell Bergqvist - Allan (The priest)
Vanna Rosenberg - Sonja


September 20 & 27, 1994
October 4 & 11, 1994


It's summer and Victor's friends are off traveling while Victor stays home working as an announcer for Bingo numbers. After a swimming accident where his heart stops for 12 minutes, he is able to see dead people. It turns out that every dead person has a week to submit a report to heaven. Victor then meets Anna, who was murdered by a serial killer. In the case of an unnatural death, the report has to include the name of the killer. A nasty police officer arrives in the city who tries to pin the murder on Victor. It all boils down to a fight between good and evil, and against time.



Part 1

The place is Sweden at an indefinite time. It's summer. Victor is unable to accompany his friends on a train ride, but must stay in town. Instead, he hangs out with an eccentric priest named Allan and Sonja, who owns an ice cream bar. During a swim he drowns and is dead for 12 minutes. After the accident he begins to see strange things. Victor works as a bingo announcer and one evening he meets Anna, who is the granddaughter of one of the bingo players. A strange cop shows up and abuses Victor. When Victor then wants to report this to the police, it is the same police, Gary, who receives the report.

One evening when Victor is sitting alone in the bingo hall, Anna suddenly appears. A man on a motorcycle comes in and hands over something called Report to Heaven. He says that because Anna is dead, this is something she has to fill out. The report states that Anna must find her killer in order to get permission to enter heaven. She can only stay on earth for seven days. Victor tries to explain to Allan that he can see Anna.

Part 2

Victor goes to the police to help them with the investigation of Anna's murder, but it ends up with him becoming a suspect himself. Victor and Anna decide to look for Lisa, the other girl who has been murdered, and they find her and many other dead people in the cemetery. They also meet Niklas who tells them not to fill out the report. They can have a lot more fun if they just stay there. He believes the risks of staying there is exaggerated to get people up to heaven.

Meanwhile, Victor's mother meets Gary, the mysterious policeman. Niklas teaches Anna how to walk through walls. The dead arrange a party with Victor and Victor, who felt alone without his friends, is suddenly surrounded by people. Niklas urges him to kill himself and have fun with the others. Victor goes to Anna's funeral with her dead friends. There he sits in the church bench and laughs with them, which makes him even more suspicious.

Victor and Anna receive an invitation card for an information meeting. Niklas and the gang steal Victor's car and drive off with Victor in the back seat. Victor is taken to the police house for questioning. Victor discovers that his mother is meeting Gary. Lisa tells Anna that she does not intend to submit the report. Victor and Anna attend the meeting where the sky is propagating for their cause. Gary is getting more and more weird. In the evening when Victor works in the bingo hall, Sonja calls and is scared. It turns out that only one plug has gone. When Anna and Victor walk home from the bingo hall, they see a light from inside the glass palace. Something strange happens to Anna. It is as if an electromagnetic force forces her up and attaches her to the flagpole's flagpole.

Victor sees a mysterious man and follows him into a house. A female voice calls for him to come and he follows it into a bathroom. There is another murder victim on the floor. The killer calls the police. The bathroom door closes and Victor can't get out. When the killer leaves the apartment, he pulls the hood down and we see it's Gary. Victor picks up a knife from the floor to try to open the door with it. He succeeds, but when he is on his way out with the knife in his hand, he is met by police with drawn weapons. He is taken away in a police car and put in a cell.

Part 3

In the morning, Anna finally falls down from Sonjas Glass Palace. At the police station, Victor is interrogated by Gary with improper methods, but the other police officers let him be held. They discuss Gary's background and talk about what great qualifications he has from his education abroad. It turns out that the police chief never checked his papers.

Anna finds the others in the gang and the new girl Clara arrives. Anna learns that Victor is in prison and goes there, but she cannot reach Victor. She can no longer walk through walls. When Victor's mother comes to the detention center, he manages to escape with the help of the gang. Victor's mother faints and ends up in hospital.

When Victor, Anna and Jerry sit and talk in church, Allan comes in and becomes convinced that Victor is possessed. He throws water on him. Anna and Victor meet McMannen again and he asks who said it's okay to stay on earth. They tell about Niklas who said that he was left for two months. Victor goes to Sonja for help and she hides him in her freezer.

At a party on the beach, Jerry tells Victor that he intends to go to heaven, but at the same time he is abducted by four men in black clothes. Anna, Lisa and Clara think it is getting nasty and decide to fill in the reports. Then it turns out that Clara saw the face of the man who murdered her. Gary starts spying on Sonja. Someone steals Anna's report and throws it in a grave where a bunch of other reports lie. Anna goes home to Victor to look for the report. Niklas tells Anna that the report to heaven is used to rate one and determine what position one gets in heaven. He calls on Anna to make sure Victor dies.

Sonja visits Victor's mother in the hospital. McMannen confronts Niklas in the cemetery. Suddenly Lisa and Clara are chased by the black-clad men who took Jerry. They flee into the church, but the men get hold of Niklas. When Lisa and Clara are out of sight, Niklas turns out to work with the black-clad. Anna and Victor realize how much they will miss each other and Anna urges Victor to come with her.

Part 4

After the black-clad men have taken Niklas, the rest of the gang realizes that there is a hell and that they have to fill in the report in order not to get there. Gary comes to the church to interrogate Allan and when Clara sees him she recognizes him as the killer. Victor tells Allan and he agrees to help them. He goes to the police station. Meanwhile, Anna and Victor walk into Gary's apartment. They quickly realize that it is he who is the killer. Allan fails to keep Gary and Gary heads home to the apartment. Just before he sees Victor, the phone rings. That's Allan. Gary watches as Victor leaves the apartment, but does nothing.

Clara and Lisa find Anna's report in an open grave. Then Niklas arrives and wants it. They wonder why the black-clad didn't take him. He talks about how he has not been dead for two months and that he just does his job like everyone else. The black-clad takes Lisa, but can't take Clara, because her week on earth is not over.

Victor and Anna come to church and Clara tells them everything. Allan comes and they say that they have seen photos of Sonja and suspect that she will be the next victim. They call her, but she doesn't hear the signal. Victor anonymously calls the police to tell you who the killer is. The police chief dismisses him as a fool, but still gets a little suspicious of Gary. Gary's getting ready. He charges the gun. Victor and Anna head to Sonja. The police chief checks Gary on the computer and discovers that Gary has been admitted to the institution. He visits the mental hospital and learns that Gary escaped and that he was convicted of girl murder twenty years ago and has since lived in an institution. The police decide to follow Victor's anonymous tip.

Allan, meanwhile, has read in his books to find something to fight the evil spirits with. He finds something and crashes from the church with wedge water and a large cross. Gary enters Sonja's apartment. When Victor and Anna arrive at Sonja's apartment, Gary has already arrived and is now threatening Sonja with a knife. Victor finds Gary's gun and points it at him. Victor threatens to shoot if Gary doesn't release Sonja. Gary encourages him to do so, but Anna realizes it's playing Gary in his hands. Anna is suddenly pushed up against the wall by an invisible force and her head is thrown into the wall. Then Allan shows up with the cross and the power loses in strength. Allan tells Victor not to shoot and picks up the wedge water. He throws it at Gary who is wounded in the face and eventually backs out through a window. When the police arrive, Gary is on the ground below. He transforms into one of the black-clad and leaves, leaving Gary's body on the ground.

In the church, Clara sits when the MC man arrives. Anna and Victor rush to get to the church in time. When they come to church, it is empty. Victor realizes that it was him Gary was looking for all the time. Just then the MC man comes back to pick up his glasses. Anna says she has no report to fill in, but it turns out Clara has it. Before Anna leaves, she asks to bid farewell to Victor. They say goodbye to each other and Anna goes away.


Allan and Victor receive a medal, but Victor gives away his. Victor continues working at the bingo hall. Victor can no longer see dead people, but he knows they are there. He thinks a lot about Anna and when they will meet again.