UK/Spain/Portugal/ Belgium/France


director.gif (905 bytes)Terry Gilliam


Adam Driver - Toby
Jonathan Pryce - Don Quixote
Stellan SkarsgŚrd - The Boss
Olga Kurylenko - Jacqui
Joana Ribeiro - Angelica
Oscar Jaenada - Gitano
Jason Watkins - Rupert
Sergi Lopez - Barbero
Jordi Molla - Alexei Miiskin


May 19, 2018 - Cannes Film Festival


A modern and satirical twist on the tale, it's the story of a jaded commercials director who travels to Spain for a shoot and comes across a gypsy who gives a copy of his student film Ė a lyrical re-working of the Don Quixote story set in a quaint old Spanish village. Moved by the discovery, Toby sets off on a bizarre road trip to find the little village where the student student film was shot and gets caught up in  several catastrophes.

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After over two decades of delays, roadblocks, and production hiccups, the film finally began shooting in October 2016. Production took place in Lisbon and Tomar. Scenes were also filmed in Castilla-La Mancha and the Canary Islands.

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"The role is not so damn fancy, but to get to hang out and work with this gang will be fun. I met Terry a couple of times, but I know him mainly through his life's work."

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"Make no mistake about it, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is a love letter to art, to those that dare dream and how it can also lead us to madness, but the best most joyous kind. The overt symbolism is delivered here with a wink from Terry Gilliam, who returns to his roots of satirical comedy with this fantastic film... Mainstream audiences might not be pleased, but this is the Gilliam we used to love, the go-for-broke creative that refused to adhere to conventionality."   ...Jordan Ruimy, World of Reel

"It may not be Gilliamís masterpiece, but it is a movie with sprightliness, innocence and charm and it is a morale boost to anyone who cares about creativity that Gilliam has got the film made at all. His own intelligence and joy in his work shine out of every frame, and his individuality is a delight when so much of mainstream cinema seems to have been created by algorithm. What a dull place the world would be without Terry Gilliam."  ...Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote' is no masterpiece, and its mixed critical reception so far suggests that for some, even 'good' may be a stretch. What seems beyond denial is that it is an intensely personal piece of filmmaking, a movie shot through with sneaky, unruly pleasures and no small poignancy. Again and again, we see not just Quixote but others falling blissfully, though also tragically, under the spell of some grand delusion. Itís a motif that almost certainly resonates with Gilliam, for whom the idea of ever seeing this project through to its completion must have struck others, and perhaps even himself, as a folly worthy of Quixote himself."  ...Justin Chang, LA Times

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