Germany, 2017, 106 min.

director.gif (905 bytes)Volker Schlöndorff


Stellan Skarsgård - Max Zorn
Nina Hoss - Rebecca
Niels Arestrup - Walter
Robert Seeliger - Jonathan
Susanne Wolff - Clara


Berlinale - February 15, 2017




A sentimental and romantic drama. Writer Max Zorn travels to NYC for a week to publicize his latest book and to do a reading at the New York Public Library. His wife Clara arrived in NY a few months earlier to do an internship at a publishing house to study e-booking. Max suspects she is having an affair with one of the publishers. The story revolves around a short, passionate love affair that Max had with a much younger woman 17 years ago. Rebecca is originally from East Germany and has been living in NY for the past 20 years as a successful lawyer. The two go on a second weekend to Montauk where the two contemplate a life spent together that might have been.

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Filming began in late April 2016 in NYC and Long Island and ended on June 4th in Berlin. Director: "I have rarely had so much joy in filming. The actors were just great. Nina Hoss is a dream woman par excellence. Susanne Wolff will be a discovery for many and Stellan Skarsgård may have found the role of a lifetime even more than in 'River'."

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"Volker Schlöndorff’s latest film has something of the Allen-esque themes of regret and unchangeable fate, and perhaps of the relationship dramas of Bergman too... When when Skarsgård and Hoss act against each other, this is a vibrant, insightful drama."    ...Ed Frankl,

''Return to Montauk' has become a very wistful film, slowly in its dramaturgical rhythm, a little sad, melancholic from the basic mood. Skarsgård and Hoss play the compelling and convincing couple, who have a past, but have no future. The wonderful music that the German film composer Max Richter wrote especially for the 'Return to Montauk' supports the mood of the film."   ...Deutsche Welle

"The movie is all about what they (the actors) reveal, especially Skarsgård, who invests Max with a personal history that never feels less than lived in."  ...Owen Gleiberman, Variety

"Always a very physically expressive actor, Stellan Skarsgård conveys the restless dissatisfaction of his character brilliantly."  ...Wendy Ide, Screen Daily

"It's a very tender, heartfelt film about the great regrets and lost loves in our lives, and how we attempt to get over what happened in the past (or, perhaps, not get over our past regrets). Maybe it's because I connected to it in a very personal way, but Return to Montauk kept me captivated and awake and intrigued from start to finish. Even if I didn't feel emotionally drained by the end I was certainly enthralled... Skarsgård is heartbreaking as the lead character Max, who carries the whole film."
...Alex Billington,