Sweden/Poland, 1995

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 Stellan Skarsgňrd - Herman Melvin
Ulf Brunnberg - Vanheden
Bj÷rn Gustafson - Dynamit-Harry
Peter Haber - Doktorn
Birgitta Andersson - Doris
Elias Ringquist - Lillis


Swedish theatrical release - February 3, 1995




English title is The J÷nsson Gang's Greatest Robbery. In the crime/comedy, Dynamite-Harry and Vanheden are leaderless, and Doris needs a new fur coat and other necessities of life. Basically they are in desperate need of money. This is when Herman Melvin, ex-Chief of Security at a printing press for banknotes, literally falls into their midst like a saving angel. When Vanheden and Dynamit-Harry try to break Dr. BusÚ out of jail, they get Herman Melvin instead. Together they plan a burglary. However, something goes wrong. They don't get a lot of Deutsch-marks as they had planned and instead, they end up on a ship going to Poland along with plenty of Polish Zlotys (the Polish currency). They then discover that the mafia is very interested in this money.

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