button_box.gif (205 bytes)27th Telluride Film Festival - September 2000 - "Tribute to Stellan"

Traditionally, the Telluride Film Festival has built its program around tributes and honors awarded to three filmmakers who have made invaluable contributions to the art of cinema. The 27th festival in September 2000 paid tribute to directors Ang Lee and Im Kwon-taek, and actor Stellan Skarsgård. The festival saluted Stellan with "His extraordinary range makes him one of the finest actors in the world." He was accompanied by the American premiere of his film, Aberdeen, a Norwegian drama that highlights his incredible ability to bring empathy to his characters even when they aren't the most lovable guys. There was also a viewing of his 1982 breakthrough film, Den Enfaldige mördaren.

On September 2 there was a panel discussion on stage and screen acting. Besides Stellan, panel members included Al Pacino, Willem Dafoe, and Angela Bassett. For nearly 90 minutes, the actors spoke warmly of the riskier business of stage plays. Conversation bounced from one performance aspect to another, chasing elusive answers about the appeal of putting oneself on the line before a live audience.

"Rehearsal is a big difference between the two mediums," said Skarsgård. "In theater, you learn to construct your role, to build the curve that your role is going to take. It's a slow process, taking weeks to perfect before actually taking it to an audience. There is so little time to rehearse for movies that when you do the scene, you're still exploring it. I don't ever think a scene on film is finished."

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You can view an online news clip on the festival at Channel4.com including a brief interview with Stellan. When asked about his tribute, he responded, "I feel very flattered. I also feel a lot older. You get to a certain age when the tributes are coming in. It's very flattering and it's my favorite film festival in the world because it's so small."