(aka Music, War and Love)

USA, 2016

director.gif (905 bytes)Martha Coolidge


Adelaide Clemens - Rachel Rubin
Leo Suter - Robert Pulaski
Stellan Skarsgĺrd - Benno Moser
Connie Nielsen - Lena
Stephen Dorff - General Huber
Toby Sebastian - Vlad Dagmarov


Premiered at the Taormina Film Festival
July 6, 2019



It's the story of a great romantic love, of lifelong friendship, and of the power of art, especially music, to bring together people of different nationalities, religion, or cultural background. The story begins in 1931 in the thriving multi-cultural city of Łódź, continues in Germany and London, with the finale in 1949 in New York City. The film's main characters are singer Robert Pułaski and talented violinist Rachel Rubin. Their stories have been inspired by the biographies of Polish musicians from the 1930s and 1940s. The painful experience of war will separate the two protagonists, but fate will give them a second chance.

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Filmed in Poland (Łódź and Kraków), Berlin, London and NY during the fall of 2015. Stellan commuted between Stockholm and Poland for his role as an opera singer. He says, "I cannot sing so I will be dubbed but it will, after all, look as if I can sing arias for real." The drama boasts an international cast of actors from America, Australia, England and Poland.

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