[aka The Hounds of Riga]

Sweden/Denmark - 1995

director.gif (905 bytes) Per Berglund


Rolf Lassgård - Kurt Wallender
Björn Kjellman - Blomman
Benny Poulsen - Karlis Liepa
Charlotte Sieling - Baiba Liepa

Stellan Skarsgård - Magnus Björk


November 10, 1995



The year is 1992; the Soviet Empire has been consigned to history. Latvia is now a sovereign state. But, behind the official autonomy, powerful forces are at work with close links to the Russian Mafia.

A rubber dinghy with the bodies of two dead men onboard washes up on the coast of southern Sweden. The police in Ystad, led by Detective superintendent Kurt Wallander, are soon able to establish that the two men were murdered and that the dinghy originated in Latvia.

The Latvian police send a Major Liepa across to Ystad to assist with the investigation. The case of the two dead men is soon seen to be the product of an internal Mafia dispute, and Liepa returns home. Shortly afterwards a message comes from Riga that Liepa has been murdered immediately upon his arrival back home.

Together with Blomman, a young Ystad cop of Latvian extraction, Wallander sets off for Riga. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union.