USA Network Mini-Series, 167 min.

director.gif (905 bytes)John Kent Harrison


Sienna Guillory - Helen
Matthew Marsden - Paris
Rufus Sewell - Agamemnon
John Rhys-Davies - King Priam of Troy
Maryam d'Abo - Queen Hecuba
Emilia Fox - Cassandra, Princess of Troy
James Callis - Menelaus
Daniel Lapaine - Hector
Nigel Whitmey - Odysseus
Stellan Skarsgård - Theseus


April 21 & 22, 2003

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"Helen of Troy" is an epic story of love and war. Helen was the most beautiful woman in all of the world. Her husband and his allies quickly realized that Helen's beauty could quickly cause a devastating war. Spurred on by the villainous Agamemnon, they vowed that no one would ever sleep with Helen, not even her husband.

Unfortunately Paris, a young Trojan warrior, knew nothing of the vow. The minute he and Helen saw each other, they fell in love. They risked everything to be together, sparking ancient history's greatest war. After countless had died, history's most infamous trick -- the Trojan Horse -- brought this incredible story to an end.



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button_box.gif (205 bytes)PRODUCTION NOTES:

Filming began in July 22, 2002 and continued through the end of September. The production was entirely shot in Malta.

button_box.gif (205 bytes)PRAISE FOR STELLAN'S PERFORMANCE:

"Two fine actors, Stellan Skarsgård as Helen's first lover and John Rhys-Davies as the conflicted ruler, are given too little screen time.    ...Variety

"Although the story takes some liberties with both Homer and history, it is a rollicking ride, with especially good turns from Sewell and Skarsgård."    ...Aro Video (UK)

"At minimum, the story is packed with human emotion and geopolitical consequence. Its subject has name recognition. Its cast includes the steely British actor Rufus Sewell as Agamemnon and the underutilized Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård as Theseus."  ...NY Times

Rufus Sewell conveys evil with his brooding, inflexible Agamemnon, while Stellan Skarsgård, in a brief appearance, offers a Puckish, playful Theseus. Other standouts include John Rhys-Davies as Priam and Emilia Fox as the ethereal Cassandra. Solid production values, lavish sets and costumes and, above all, good casting keeps Helen of Troy from veering into the superficial realm inhabited by many historical miniseries." ...New Orleans Times-Picayune  (Rene Peck)

"With some stunning performances by Rufus Sewell, Stellan Skarsgård and John Rhys Davies and a number of nice action pieces, Helen of Troy does simplify the tale quite a bit but also manages to get in some dramatic and powerful moments as well."   ...Critic Wayne Klein

"Sienna Guillory brings a spirit and wit to Helen that is often not granted to the character in other versions that instead make her more of an insipid milksop or just a wretched, faithless woman. In this version, Theseus (Skarsgård) is made into a villain of sorts who kidnaps young Helen to make her his bride, but Skarsgård turns him into a likable, even affable, but still strong, man."   ...Need Coffee Dvd Reviews

"Helen is kidnapped, for reasons never really explained, by gallant King Theseus of Athens (Stellan Skarsgård). He aims to marry her but then decides, again for mysterious reasons, that he only loves her like a daughter."   ...Dallas Morning News

Helen is kidnapped by a new-agey Theseus (Stellan Skarsgård) who's hip to sexual-harassment issues; he promises her he won't rape her and in fact doesn't lay a hand on her even when she's willing."   ...LA Daily News

"There's a lot worth watching in this miniseries, despite the title character's inability to act. With Rufus Sewell as Agamemnon, Stellan Skarsgård as Theseus, Matthew Marsden as Paris, and a host of gifted British actors filling all the lesser roles, you'd think they could find a Helen worthy of the title."   ...The Christian Science Monitor

"The movie brings its characters to life and makes their relationships clear, something a cursory study of the mythology doesn't always manage to do. It's often great fun to watch, sort of a Dallas goes to Greece, and the special effects are quite good... The minor characters, perhaps because they don't need to be larger than life, bring a healthy injection of credibility."  ...The Toledo Blade