Sweden, 100 min.

director.gif (905 bytes)Björn Runge


Stellan Skarsgård - Harry
Viveka Seldahl - Sonja
Sten Ljunggren - Walter
Per Oscarsson - Harry's father
Regina Lund - Sonja #2
Bergljot Arnadóttir - Anna
Eyvin Dahlgren - Jesper


Sweden, Feburary 9, 1996


1997 Festival du Cinema Nordique
Rouen, France


A shameless comedy by Björn Runge

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Harry, who lives with Anna and their seven children, works as a barber in a seedy asylum. The patients love him, but his boss is of another opinion. When, not surprisingly, Harry gets the sack and Anna decides to move their family halfway across the globe, he grows a bit weary... In the course of a few summer weeks, a string of strange characters cross Harry’s path: Walter, a mercenary who desperately needs a war in Europe; Jesper, a pornographer who is unfortunately allergic to naked bodies; a seductive plastic surgeon; and finally Sonja...

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