(The Interrogation)

Swedish TV, 1989, 60 minutes

director.gif (905 bytes)Per Berglund


Stellan Skarsgård - Carl Hamilton

Helén Söderqvist - Eva-Britt
Guy de la Berg - Överbefälhavaren
Carl-Axel Karlsson - Kommendör Ulfsson
Sten-Göran Camitz - Generalen
Lars Göran Carlsson - Utrikesminister
Niklas Falk - Kabinettssekreterare Sorman
Christer Söderlund - Säpochef
Göran Graffman - Redaktionschef
Berit Tancred - Britta Olecloo


Sweden 25 September 1989


An evening newspaper has claimed that Commander Carl Hamilton has murdered a Swedish spy named Stig Berling. During a stay as a military attaché in Moscow. Kvällstidningen has also revealed other startling stories that have raised questions about whether Sweden has agents with  "the right to kill". The film takes place during an interrogation in the Riksdag's constitutional committee, to which Hamilton was called to help the committee determine whether the Swedish government had any responsibility for the murder of Stig Berling and other agents.

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Malin Nilsson, Kulturdelen.com:

Jan Guillou's satirical drive with Swedish politicians and humanity in general permeates every word uttered by the various committee members and is underlined with the help of Hamilton's short but correct answers, effectively crushing every opposition. With almost untouched mine, Hamilton wins the battle against the politicians and journalists who want to make him a villain... Jan Guillou has a way of "undressing" society with his dry humor and making the most terrible things appear as ironic as possible. The mentioned author also constitutes another entertaining contribution to the film by sitting in his own tall person on the press bench in the interrogation hall and smirking.