(aka To Kill a Child), Sweden, 8 min.

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Alexander Skarsgård &  Björne Larsson


Valter Skarsgård,  Christer Fjällström, Evalena
Ljung-Kjellberg, Jonas Sjöqvist, Sofia Zouagui


Stellan Skarsgård


January 25, 2003 at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden



Based on a short story by Swedish author, Stig Dagerman. A man is on his way to the ocean. A child is running through a garden. Their roads will be crossed within four minutes. One life will be changed. One will end. This film debuted exactly 50 years after the original version by Gösta Werner in 1953.


  • Sweden: Malmö Film Festival - March 19, 2003
  • USA: Tribeca Film Festival - May 9, 2003
  • Denmark: Odense International Film Festival - August 12, 2003
  • Switzerland: Locarno International Film Festival - August 2003
  • Belgium: Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent - October 14, 2003


Winner of the Grand Prix (Euro 3,500 and statuette) at Odense - "A film that enters ones dreams some time after it is over. Its haunting use of voice over, the camera's hovering perspective over action, and the manipulation of traditional narrative structure make it a unique visionary experience."

Also at Odense, winner of the Prize of the Press - "One moment, everything changes and nothing will ever be the same. A tight story which in a simple, yet moving way portrays a sudden tragedy. From the beginning the audience knows what will happen, but by using the inevitability, the knowing and poetic voice-over and by intercutting two idyllic worlds, the fim creates an almost physical suspense. The film is only 8 minutes, but it stays with us for a long time, because we all fear that fatal second."

Tribeca Film Festival - "Based on one of the most widely read short stories in Sweden, this visually captivating story moves with finesse and eeriness. Narrated by Stellan Skarsgård, co-directed by his son Alexander, and starring another son, Valter."


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Directors Alexander and Björne

Valter Skarsgård


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Production photo

With NTF's media chief Thomas Carlsson