Sweden/Germany, 1992, 96 min.

director.gif (905 bytes)Per Berglund


Stellan Skarsgard - Carl Hamilton
Katja Flint - Monika
Burkhard Driest .... Horst
Karl Heinz Maslo .... Werner
Heikko Deutschmann .... Martin
Susanne Lothar .... Friederike
May Buchgraber .... Eva
Ulrich Tukur .... Siegfried Maak
Rolf Hoppe .... Lodge Hecht
Günther Maria Halmer .... Colonel May
Kjell Bergqvist .... Eric von Platen
Claudia Demarmels .... Barbara
Konstantin Graudus .... Hans
Heinz Rolfing .... Störtebecker
Janna Striebeck .... Anna


21 August 1992 in Sweden


Jan Guillou

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A spectacular bank assault takes place in Hamburg with a high sum of money stolen. The German secret service determine that the bank robbers are an international group in need of capital. Carl Hamilton, a Swedish undercover agent with good German knowledge and experience in the international weapons business, is sent to Hamburg. In order to infiltrate the group, Hamilton moves into a hotel on the Reeperbahn and tries to make contacts. He eventually stages a bank robbery so he can convince the group of his credibility. He succeeds and is accepted into the syndicate. To complicate matters, he begins a romantic relationship with the enemy - a beautiful woman who he tries to save.

Radio Times:
Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård has become an international star thanks to his excellent performances in films such as Breaking the Waves and Good Will Hunting. Earlier in his career he was known throughout northern Europe for complex characterizations, and his secret agent in this tense thriller is typical of his output. Taken from the novel by Jan Guillou, the story intriguingly sets the Baader-Meinhof terrorist group on a mission to destroy European unity. But the real excitement comes from the fact that Skarsgård's infatuation with Katja Flint convinces his superiors that he's defected, thus making him a target for both sides. Briskly directed by Per Berglund, this is essentially low-budget Bond, but is none the worse for that.

All Movie Guide:
Carl Hamilton is in one sense a peculiar sort of secret agent in that he has a license to kill but applies his conscience to that license far more often than is comfortable for him. In another sense, since he is Swedish, it makes sense that this would be so. In this story, one of a series of successful films based on this character from the novels of Jan Guillou, he has been given the task of infiltrating a group of terrorists operating out of Hamburg, who reportedly intend to attack the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm. After falling in love with one beautiful terrorist, he attempts to get her to change her ways by the force of moral persuasion rather than arms.


SCREEN CAPS FROM THE VIDEO (converted to black & white for clarity)