Premiere: December 10, 1977

Performances: 68

Playwright:  Antonio Buero Vallejo

Original Spanish Title:  La Fundación (The Foundation)

Director:  Alf Sjöberg

Character: Tomas

SYNOPSIS:  One of Buero Vallejo’s most popular plays, it has been translated into a number of languages and performed in countries such as Germany, Sweden and the United States. The play is set in ‘an unknown country’, which no doubt contributes to its international popularity as a work with something to say about the human condition in general. Buero himself was condemned to death for his participation in the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War. The death sentence was commuted, but he spent nearly seven years in prison. Therefore, although the play is not autobiographical, it does contain elements of Buero’s prison experience, such as the overcrowding in cells and conversations about art and about informers and torture.