Interview Magazine - Excerpts from Stellan's questions in his interview with Mexican star, Diego Luna.

September 2004 Issue

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"I've got to start with Y Tu Mamá También, which was one of the best films I've seen in the last couple years. It's so full of life, and it seems like it was a very positive atmosphere to work in."

"I must say that if you're living in a country like Sweden, where you don't see any poverty anywhere, you can become very politically naive and innocent. But even in United States politics, the Bush administration has done one good thing: It has politicized Americans by blatantly ignoring human rights. The entire Western world has been more politicized by the Bush adminstration."

"Have you heard of something called the Hollywood Stock Exchange? Well, it's a fake stock exchange on the Internet where people can trade actors and films for certain prices. This week on the Hollywood Stock Exchange, your high was $33.78. That is pretty high: I'm $14 [Luna laughs]. Then I found quotes from the Internet saying, "I love Diego Luna. He's extremely handsome, and I just worship him," and "He's so sexy. I want to go onto the movie screen and f--- his face off! [Luna laughs] People say things like that about you. I don't know if it's boys or girls, but it doesn't matter."