Stellan lives in the moment

How was filming in Rome?

You have to make new holes in your belt all the time because the food is so good. I think I went up 6-7 kgs in just three weeks.

What about Alexander, Gustaf and Bill following in their father's footsteps?

They are all good actors, so I love working with them.

In your role as Richter, was it tough to speak with a German accent?

I have decided not to do any more characters who speak with a German accent.

Filming took almost three months with three weeks in Rome where the film crew was met by protests from the Vatican.

They would not let us shoot at churches and like that. But they could not block of Rome and they could not burn us at the trunk, so we managed to shoot a lot of which in all cases, "says Stellan Skarsgård that despite the protests did not believe that the Vatican made a problem for the film crew.
- They did great advertising for us to protest. Vatican raises problems in any other way because people are dying and suffering because they are told to not use condoms, for example. Unfortunately, that one billion people who actually listens to them.

In "Angels and Demons" Stellan Skarsgård plays for the first time against Tom Hanks, which he describes as fun and easy.
- I got a nice typewritten by him. An old German travel Olympia typewriter from the 60s, "says Stellan Skarsgård.
- - I saw that he wrote little typewritten notes, this may be seen not so often nowadays, so we began to talk about it. I got the typewriter from him afterwards, it was I standing at home and occasionally I go there and write something a little message on it.
Three of Stellan Skarsgård's sons, Alexander, Gustav and Bill, has followed dad's footsteps and go to a acting career. According to the family's head, there are currently no plans for a collaboration.
- - We are thinking is not so, we do not need a film that need to be seen, we have seen yet.

Over the next few months, the Swedish actor to have holiday and enjoy the summer. Va What awaits beyond is not yet clear.
- - I am thinking not so much in the future. I take one day at a time so we will see.
He says that he gets about four film offers a year. He has also received inquiries from, among other plays, where he has worked since 1988.
- On the stage one must have their technology and I do not know the degree to which I have left it. So I am a little afraid to go back, but it is clear that the scene attracts, "he says.
- - It must be worth the courage I need to muster.
How much prestationsångest has as experienced actor?
- Amazing lot. It is not easier with age. But then once you get started and finding the right and begin filming, so it is quite lovely.