Trust Nordisk has announced that Maria Sødahl’s critically acclaimed drama HOPE has been selected for the Panorama Section at the Berlin International Film Festival 2020 (February 20th – March 1st). Following the successful world premiere in the Discovery Section at the Toronto International Film Festival, HOPE now makes its European debut on one of the most prestigious festival scenes in the world; the Berlinale. Great news for Stellan! The director responded with, "Showing HOPE in Berlin, the world’s largest film festival, is absolutely wonderful! We get to meet a wide audience, international press and begin the launch of the film outside of Norway. I have great faith in this remarkable love story and its ability to reach many people."


The Golden Globe nominations were announced this week, and among them were five nominations for HBO's CHERNOBYL. I'm so pleased to say that Mr. Skarsgård is up for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series. Congratulations, Stellan! Mark your calendar for the January 5th ceremony.


Director Maria Sødahl's personal film HOPE, starring Stellan and Andrea Bræin Hovig, was released on Norwegian screens on Friday by SF Studios. In an interview with the director/writer, Maria spoke about casting the leads. She shared, "I knew from an early stage that I wanted Stellan in the role of Tomas. Besides being a wonderful actor, in real life he has experienced similar situations to his character: he has many children from different marriages, he knows what it means to be in a ‘bonus’ family, and has dealt with cancer in his family. He is not sentimental... I cast 15 actresses between 40-50. I simply wanted to find the best actress, and there was Andrea! So perfect for her part. In the film she is in every frame. She has the ability to be both extravert and introvert, and her fascinating appearance made every new take different and interesting. And not without importance, both Andrea and Stellan possess an indispensable sense of black humor."

Another one of Stellan's recent films has been chosen as the Czech Republic's international film entry at the 2020 Oscars. THE PAINTED BIRD premiered in competition at this year's Venice Film Festival, where it won the Cinema for UNICEF Award. IFC picked up U.S. rights and will open the movie next year. The Holocaust film, based on the controversial Joseph Kosinski novel, follows a young Jewish boy in Eastern Europe who seeks refuge during World War II.


I recently came across this Internet article from that highlighted the five best films of Stellan's career. It was indeed laughable and obviously the writer had never seen the Swede in a non-English film. Would anyone include one of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise?!! Anyway, I have included the introduction below, which is somewhat interesting.

"Let’s just come out and say it, Stellan Skarsgård is a very scary-looking individual when he wants to be and he can be menacing as hell when the situation calls for it. But he can also be the kindly and companionable individual that a lot of people want him to be since he does have that capacity and it is in him to be warm and inviting. In other words he’s one of the most balanced actors out there and it’s fun just to watch him to see what side is going to come out and know that it doesn’t matter since it will be enjoyable all the same. When it does come to him being the bad guy though the only thing that would slow him down in terms of competing with other bad guys is his physical stature since he’s not a powerhouse, but he still cuts a very impressive figure. That being said though just his gravely voice at times is enough to send a chill down the spine."