New Europe Film Sales has taken world rights to GORDON & PADDY, a feature animation with a voice cast including Stellan. The Swedish family film tells the story of a forest’s police chief, Gordon, who is about to retire and needs to find a new assistant. He enlists Paddy, a clever mouse with a great sense of smell and together they have to solve his last case. Animated by Dockhus Animation, the story is based on a series of books by Ulf Nilssons and Gitte Spees. The film has its Swedish release on December 22.


Next year Stellan is set to star in a five-part HBO series called CHERNOBYL, directed by Johan Renck. The series is about Soviet nuclear physicist Valerij Legasov, played by Jared Harris, who was appointed by the Kremlin to investigate the catastrophic nuclear power station disaster of 1986. It will reveal how and why it happened, and tell the remarkable stories of those who risked their lives to save others. Filming will take place in Lithuania from March through August 2018. The following two photos were used in the Swedish papers announcing the series.

Stellan attended the European Film Awards in Berlin on December 9th. He was on hand as one of the evening's presenters.  Ruben Östlund’s film  "The Square" won six awards at the EFA. Stellan  even commented on the repetitiveness of the ceremony as he announced the Best Film award seen below.

More photos. The first one shows him with Wim Wenders.


Monrowe magazine published some great black & white photos of Gustaf.

The article begins with: "Right now, American television audiences may only know Gustaf Skarsgård as “Floki”—the quirky, often lovable, moody, manic, intensely religious, remarkably inventive, and sometime homicidal boatbuilder—whom Gustaf plays on the History Channel’s hit series "Vikings"... But in Sweden—where Gustaf grew up in Stockholm’s tightly-knit bohemian creative community of artists and actors, the Skarsgård family’s formidable acting chops have long been a matter of local pride... There’s every chance the actor’s remarkably versatile talents will become much more widely recognized. Even if nobody’s willing to say much about the upcoming second season of HBO’s "Westworld" currently in production -including Gustaf - the Hollywood trades have been buzzing for weeks about his joining the critically acclaimed series as a regular.

I've posted a new interview with Stellan regarding his role in BORG/MCENROE. You can read it at this link. He explains why he remains in Sweden. He claims, "I’m so happy being in Sweden. Sweden is a brilliant country, the most emancipated country in the world. Even when I’m in England I feel like I’m in a sexy old-fashioned place, the attitude towards children is much different than Sweden. The European thing with the welfare state and taxes, I love it. It has been undermined now severely because of a couple decades of new liberalism and we are paying for it more and more. Sweden is still probably the best place in the world to live, especially if you’re like me and have eight children: good healthcare, good childcare, free schools and universities."