Finally we have some luscious photos from director Kenneth Branagh's CINDERELLA. And we finally get to see what Stellan looks like as the Grand Duke. Looks like a wig and some fancy duds. Check out the movie stills. The trailer has been released as well, which you can view here. Branagh says the trailer should "let the audience feel that  they're going to enter a very sumptuous, lavish world. Itís a new kind of fairy tale where the emotional development feels very real. In the trailer I wanted to show people that there would be a great, big, immersive world to go into and that it would be fun to spend some time there. Itís playful and complex; full of energy." The Walt Disney Studios release is scheduled for March 13, 2015. The poster above shows star Lily James photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

The 27th European Film Awards were held this weekend in Riga, Latvia. Stellan was nominated for Best European Actor for his role in Volume 1 & 2 (Director's cut) of "Nymphomaniac". The award went to Timothy Spall, who stars in "Mr. Turner."

Back in early November, Sweden's Dagens Nyheter published an interview with Stellan's ex-wife My, mother of his first six children. While Stellan triumphed worldwide with his acting career, My was at home raising a family and studying to become a doctor. However, in 1998 after being diagnosed with cancer, she got stuck in an alcohol addiction which stole nearly ten years of her life. Now she helps others to overcome the same struggles by working as a drug and alcohol therapist. During the downward spiral when My sunk into depression and a cycle of destructive behavior, her marriage suffered greatly. She says, "He [Stellan] certainly was heartbroken to see how I was about to go under without being able to do anything. In the end it was all about: should I choose life or death?" She admits that when Stellan re-married and had two more children, she felt isolated at first because her children accepted it. Gradually she found joy in the extended family as well and together they share many family events. My says, "Stellan is one of my closest friends and will remain so until I die." What a courageous woman to speak out and share her difficult journey.