In an interview with Stellan this month in Total Film magazine, the reader is again treated to same old, same old that I won't bother repeating. Don't film journalists have more interesting questions to ask? Here are a couple new quotes:

On receiving invaluable advice: "I got a very good one from Ingmar Bergman, who said to me, 'Don't forget to breathe.'"(laughs)

On working on mini-series: "I've moved onto my first continuous series, for ANDOR, but they've promised to kill me whenever I want so I can get out of it. It's an interesting role with many faces. I was challenged and I got to play with Diego Luna, who I love. But I hope that the art of cinematic-telling doesn't die."


Congratulations to Stellan for becoming a grandpa once again! Son Gustaf  decided to make an announcement on his Instagram account indicating that he has a daughter, who was born on November 15, 2020. There is absolutely no mention of this baby's mother. This is Stellan's third grandchild with Sam and Bill already parents. Gustaf posted these sentiments  - "Eternal gratitude to the most high for bestowing upon me the greatest gift of my life: her life. One year ago tomorrow she came and brought a dimensional shift to my universe. Today is my first Father’s Day. Love is too futile a word."


News from Turku, Finland where WHAT REMAINS is being filmed:

He looks familiar when he walks briskly to the shopping center in the center of Turku. So half familiar, so that for a second you think about whether it is someone you should recognize and visit, or if it is someone you have often met, until you realize that it's the actor Stellan Skarsgård.

Swedish Yle's film editor Silja Sahlgren-Fodstad calls him an actor who blends in everywhere. He can be sympathetic, unsympathetic, macho, sensitive, insecure, smart, clumsy or agile, take up a lot of space or just support another character.

But who would have thought that he would show up in Turku?

Right now, the psychological crime drama "What Remains" is being filmed in Turku and the Turku area. The film is supposed to be about the dependence between doctor and patient, but most of the film has been kept secret. The main role as a patient is played by Gustaf Skarsgård, while Andrea Riseborough plays the female main role, the doctor. Stellan plays a minor role as a police officer.

The film team has lived in the Turku area for three weeks already, but due to the corona pandemic, no one is allowed to meet them. They are divided into four bubbles. Only the director and the film photographer are allowed to move between the bubbles, says Teija Raninen, who is the film commissioner in Western Finland and one of those who worked most intensively to attract the film team to Turku.

It all started more than two years ago, when Chinese director Ran Huang had googled pictures of Pemar sanatorium. He called Raninen and asked how quickly you could get permission to visit the place. The next day he flew to Finland, and immediately decided that the sanatorium would be the main location in the film.

Everything was ready for recording, but in February 2020, all plans were canceled just a week before the start. The corona pandemic struck in China, and although the situation at the time was not critical in Europe, the Chinese producers chose to suspend it.

But now it has succeeded. Filming has taken place in Pemar, Turku and Salo, among other places. On Friday, they filmed in Brobacka in Pargas, and next week they will also record in the capital region.

Director Huang is impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the Finnish team - "In China, a film like this would have about 300 team members. Although our team is smaller than usual in a Chinese production, the professionalism and efficiency of the Finnish team guarantee that we’ll succeed."

Stellan and the other actors live in apartments in the center of Turku, but they follow the Screen Actors Guild's strict corona rules not to meet outsiders. They are not allowed to meet anyone, and no interviews are given.

It's an expensive movie, and if someone were to get Covid-19, the movie would be delayed and be even more expensive. In addition, it would affect the timetable for the next film project for both actors, filmmakers and director.

Fortunately, you can walk in the center of Turku without being recognized by everyone, so you do not have to stop for autographs or selfies with movie fans.


Today the news media picked up details on Stellan's upcoming film project - WHAT REMAINS. It was announced that 40-year-old British actress Andrea Riseborough ("Birdman") will star alongside Stellan and son Gustaf in this psychological crime drama. Filming will take place in Finland within the month. It will mark the feature directorial debut of Huang Ran, a mainland Chinese artist-turned-filmmaker. The English-language film is being produced by Film Service Finland and Huang through his production company Fake Action Truth, with financing from iQIYI, a leading video streaming platform in China. CAA Media Finance arranged the film’s financing and represents the North American distribution rights. The picture will be launched at this week’s virtual American Film Market (AFM).


From Mexico's La Prensa, 10/13/21 [edited]

Stellan Skarsgård is not concerned about leaving an acting legacy, as he only seeks to enjoy his work and his family. It is difficult to think that any movie fan, in America or Europe, has not seen on screen Stellan Skarsgård, one of the greatest actors of his generation. In Hollywood, for example, the 70-year-old Swedish interpreter has left memorable roles in both Oscar-winning films and musicals. On the other side of the Atlantic, his resume stands out as a fetish for one of the most prestigious, lauded, and reportedly complicated filmmakers to work with: Lars Von Trier.

Stellan dismisses, simply and quickly, the word "legend" applied to him, and incidentally assures that he has never thought about his acting legacy. "The legacy does not interest me. I will die and it will be too late. I always live in the present and love my life. I feel that I am one of the luckiest men there is. I work four months a year and I have an incredible time on the sets, because I work with brilliant people. With what I earn, I do charity work with children. Also, I have a fantastic family. That's all that matters to me,"

He has his reasons for calling his family "fantastic" - sons Alexander, Gustaf, Bill, and Valter. Stellan, great patriarch of Swedish entertainment, denies having pushed his offspring to adopt acting careers, much less instruct them in them. "They never ask me for acting advice and I don't give it to them... I can give lectures on acting, but I prefer not to,"

On a professional level, 2021 will be for Skarsgård the year in which he introduced to the world one of the most disturbing and fascinating villains in science fiction: Baron Harkonnen in Dune, the adaptation of Frank Herbert's acclaimed novel, the character is a great schemer of intrigues, as greedy and cruel as he is hedonistic. "Definitely, I was inspired by Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now. The previous story of him is not explained, nor are reasons given for his nastiness. It's a small role, but it's visually scary. He casts a shadow that spans the entire film." He is morbidly obese, so Stellan underwent, throughout the shoot, characterization sessions that lasted eight hours in placement, and one to remove it, in addition to training for mobility. "For the first time in my career I had a personal trainer to be able to express myself physically in that suit, which required a cooling system. You die of heat in it. Everyone is talking about the possible sequel now. I just met one of the writers and I said, 'Please give me a few scenes, not many,'" he jokes.

Behind the prosthetics, Stellan had to find room for a subtle and memorable performance, the kind that didn't need dialogue. "The type of acting I do is on the edges. The dialogues are already there and have their own message, but I always focus more on what is silent, on what is not said, on the eyes, on how he behaves. my body. Those are my tools."


It seems that every day more information is released on DUNE regarding the Baron's makeup. Today there's an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the villains were brought to life. This new video clip explores all of the makeup and prosthetic work that went into realizing these unique characters.

Director Denis Villeneuve comments on Stellan's character - "It was difficult, because I didn’t want the Baron to look like a caricature. I wanted to feel a menace of that massive human being and that weight. Stellan was quite frightening as the Baron, fantastic performance." And Stellan says, "I had long discussions with Denis about where I wanted to go with it, and that he looked different, that he had a presence that you hadn’t seen before...  People are hungry to see a fantastic, well-told, interesting story and I hope that they see something they didn’t expect to see."

Though the film will be released in most of Europe a week before its theatrical release here in the states, it will have its US premiere on October 7, 2021 at the New York Film Festival. Its North American premiere will take place this Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival.