button_box.gif (205 bytes)Juanita Wilson’s AS IF I'M NOT THERE is the Irish Film & Television Academy’s pick for Ireland’s entry in the foreign language Oscar race. It stars Natasa Petrovic and Miraj Grbic, with a brief cameo by Stellan in the role of a doctor. The picture is set in the Balkans and shot primarily in the Serbo-Croatian language, but it was developed and produced by Ireland’s Octagon Films with creative control and behind camera talent coming from the Emerald Isle. The Irish Academy is hoping to grab a nomination slot on the back of qualifying as a film made in any language other than English and following a tour of selected festivals in the U.S. Wilson was previously nominated for an Academy Award in 2010 for her live action short film "The Door". The film has unspooled at several festivals including shindigs in Phoenix, Long Island and Rhode Island where it won best feature plaudits at each. The story follows a young woman from Sarajevo whose life is shattered after being rounded up with the other women from the village and imprisoned in a warehouse in a remote region of Bosnia. The day she is picked out to ‘entertain’ the soldiers, the real nightmare begins.

button_box.gif (205 bytes)In Issue 4 of Lab magazine, "Dragon Tattoo" director, David Fincher questions Stellan about his process, their shared work ethic and, of course, what they both love about Sweden. I haven't been able to read the article yet, but will post it whenever it becomes available. In the meantime, here are some great photos by Andreas Ohlund for the magazine:


button_box.gif (205 bytes)Stellan is set to star in Canadian helmer Sylvain Archambault's ROUGE BRÉSIL, based on Jean-Christophe Rufin's 2001 historical bestseller. The $11 million project has been set up as an indie international co-production involving France, Brazil, Canada and Portugal, which will create a Portuguese/English-language feature and an English-language TV series with two episodes of 100 minutes. The story is set in France Antarctique, established in 1555 in the coastal region where Rio de Janeiro is now located. A haven for French Protestant Huguenots, who fled religious wars in France, the colony was ultimately leveled by the Portuguese in 1567. Stellan will have the role of French explorer  Nicolas Durand de Villegagnon with actor Joaquim de Almeida playing his rival. Executive producer Nicolas Traube says, "It shows the absurdity of religious wars." Hey, that sounds like a perfect story for Stellan! Filming will begin shortly in Rio De Janeiro.

In a recent interview, Stellan commented on working with David Fincher. When he first met the "Dragon Tattoo" director, he was told, "This will not be fun because I sometimes do 40 takes of each set-up". Stellan responded, "It better be fun, and I don't mind doing 40 takes, so let's make 40 fun takes." Was it fun? Yes. "I really enjoyed it. He's very thorough, but it's not an anal thing. You can actually do 40 takes that are 40 versions of a scene, which brings it to life. He works hard and fast, which means that you shoot all the time. You don't sit and wait and I like that."

Commenting on the film's leading star, Daniel Craig, Stellan said, "You shouldn't be fooled  just because he's good with a gun. He's a good actor and not just a handsome man." As far as the casting of Rooney Mara, he responded, "Obviously, Fincher wanted to go with someone even younger than the Swedish version. He wanted someone more vulnerable, more androgynous and I think it pays off. I think Rooney did a great job... I've seen the Swedish movie and I thought it was good. I think Fincher and writer Steven Zaillian have done more with it."


From New York Magazine -

Jessica Pressler comments on Alexander's looks in the September 2011 issue.

"In person, Skarsgĺrd is less physically imposing than he is on-screen. He’s tall but gangly, with a goofy Scando-Cajun accent and two-day stubble covering an overbite.

And Alexander is adamant about being more than the sum of his pecs."


I’m not interested in parts where they are looking for a good-looking guy. I want to be a weird little sidekick in a crazy comedy and then play like a dark drama or a thriller."


button_box.gif (205 bytes)The Orlando Sentinel recently carried an interview with Stellan regarding his role in THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.

"I saw the Swedish films, I knew the books, and I thought 'This is a good attempt at making those books into films,'" he says. “Then David Fincher, a great director, came along and got the directing job for the Hollywood version, and it became much more interesting to me."

With Fincher in charge, Skarsgĺrd knew the film would push boundaries in the violence department. But the films’ controversial violence against is easily explainable to a native Swede.

"The books were written at a time when the feminist movement in Scandinavia were very much preoccupied with trafficking of women, and violence against women. Stieg Larsson was a journalist who was, of course, very much a part of that debate. So that’s reflected in the books, and that dictated that this very vivid imagery of violence against women turns up in the movies. If people think these novels reflect Scandinavian society in any accurate way, they’re wrong. It’s fiction."

What of the talk, after the Norwegian massacre, that Larsson was onto something –writing a decade ago about far right wing groups in Scandinavia?

"Larsson was aware of the region’s problems with right wing extremists, Scandinavian neo-Nazis. We’ve had problems with Christian fundamentalists. The Norwegian mass murderer called himself a ‘Christian warrior.’ But that’s not limited to Scandinavia, of course. You have had bombings and killings here in America, too, from the far right. “I think it’s a global problem, any place you have people ascribing to some rigid ideas and doctrine, you run into this."

button_box.gif (205 bytes)It turns out that Stellan was in New York this week shooting his final scenes for the Joss Whedon film, THE AVENGERS", starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson.

When he's finished in NY, he will then fly to Los Angeles to re-shoot some scenes for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Here are a few more photos released from the studio.

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Stellan's oldest son is man of the hour and Alexander graces yet another magazine cover. This time it's for the 10th Anniversary issue of Germany's fashionable GQ Style. He is photographed by Ralph Mecke and styled by Klaus Stockhausen. There is definitely something to be said for a man working the rugged look in a fine designer coat. Swoon! You can watch a video of his photo shoot at this link.

In the interview, Alexander comments on his father's clothes: When asked if he took stuff from his father's wardrobe when he was younger, he replies,

"Of course, my brothers and I did that all the time. My dad is really tall and it took a while until I could wear his clothes. When I was 15 or 16, I could wear his shirts and jackets."

And was he your role model for style?

"No, he just had a lot of clothes. Among them a lot of things I thought were embarrassing. He liked to wear garments from India or the Middle East. He brought something back every time he was filming somewhere. I didn’t get why in the past... Now I love the garments. They are really comfortable."