If you visit the IMDB at this link, you can view a three-minute video called "The Rise of Stellan Skarsgĺrd", written by Brandon Hardesty and Kenny Johnson. It was posted when Stellan received his Emmy nomination for "Chernobyl". The video features clips from many of his films so it's definitely worth looking at.

Ah, the party boy! I'm not sure who took this photo of Stellan who was celebrating his 70th birthday on June 13th of this year. Good chance it was taken by a family member in his home since the wall is covered with some of his film posters.


Warner Bros. has released a set of new character posters for DUNE. Here is Stellan, who is very bald as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.


DUNE’s release in the states has been pushed back yet again, this time to October 22nd. The film will cover the massive novel’s first half, while a second as-yet-unnamed film is planned to cover the rest. "Dune" is also slated to debut on HBO Max at the same time it hits theaters. That controversial decision announced by Warner Bros. in December did not sit well with director Denis Villenueve, who complained that they had "hijacked one of the most respectable and important studios in film history."

Brother & Sister - Eija & Valter - Then & Now

Back in February I announced that Valter had been cast in an 8-part drama series called "A Class Apart". The Swedish title is actually "Zebrarummet" and is an original production from the Nordic Entertainment Group's Viaplay streaming services. A release date has now been set for August 22, 2021. Director Andrea Östlund commented, "The absolute most fun has been working with all the sickly awesome young actors who have invested a thousand percent in the work. I think this series is largely about the boundaries of what constitutes okay human behavior, and how far people with power and privileges are willing to push the boundaries." The Swedish media has posted these two publicity photos.

Valter can be currently seen in the chilling new eight-part Netflix series "Katla", directed by veteran Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur. Set in the small town of Vík in South Iceland, near the subglacial volcano named Katla, which has been erupting constantly for a whole year, the  series follows the few residents who have remained in the village despite being advised to evacuate. The story is a mix of science fiction and Icelandic folktale featuring dramatic Scandinavian scenery. The photo below shows Valter in the role of Björn with co-star Aliette Opheim, who plays his mother Gunhild.

Obviously Netflix has become a popular platform for some of the Skarsgĺrd boys. Fans of Gustaf have enthusiastically embraced him as Floki in 68 episodes of the popular "Vikings" drama series, but he can also be seen on the Netflix series "Cursed" in the role of Merlin. Season 1 premiered last summer and there is still no announcement of a second season so at this late date, it does not appear there will be one.

Gustaf's most recent project is a reboot of "The Emigrants", Vilhelm Moberg’s classic Swedish tale originally adapted for the 1971 film starring Max Von Sydow and Liv Ullmann. This new version will be released on Christmas Day in Sweden.

Alexander is no stranger to HBO projects and it's been announced that Season 3 of "Succession" has added him to its cast.  He will play Lukas Matsson, who is described as a successful, confrontational tech founder and CEO.

You don't read much about the one male non-actor in the Skarsgĺrd family. That's because 39-year-old Sam followed in his mother's footsteps and became a doctor. This recent photo shows him with his wife Pat, brothers Alex and Valter. Sam happens to be the tallest in the family at 6'6".

Flashback - new photo of a happy couple taken five years ago at the Stockholm premiere of "The Legend of "Tarzan" on July 11, 2016.