We finally have a movie still of Stellan from THOR 2: THE DARK WORLD. Empire Magazine just released this photo. I'm a bit perplexed about the shorts.

At least he's wearing clothes! Not sure about his wardrobe in "Nymphomania" though. Stellan's oldest son Alex talked to the press recently about his childhood - "We had this bohemian home filled with a community of actors, poets and writers. There was always lots of people and wine and… other things around. I loved it." But how about when your dad reportedly walked around naked, swigging wine in front of your high school girlfriends? "Alex insists fondly, "I love him for how crazy and wild he was - still is." And speaking of nudity, Alex took all off in True Blood's Season 6 finale on August 18. Yup, like father, like son. The question for his fans now is will he return for another season. In the final episode, his character Eric is reading a book while lounging in a chair in snowy Sweden when suddenly he bursts into flames. He stands up and seems in agony as the flames cover his entire full frontal naked body. And then the screen goes blank. Did he survive this spontaneous combustion? Alex isn't saying...

It's difficult to get official confirmation that Stellan did land the role of the Grand Duke in Disney's CINDERELLA. The IMDB lists his name among the cast but they're notorious for giving out misinformation. Rehearsals have begun at Pinewood Studios outside London. Kenneth Branagh is directing with the following cast:  Lily James as Cinderella, Richard Madden as Prince Charming, Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother Lady Tremaine, Helena Bonham Carter as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, and Hayley Atwell as Cinderella’s biological mother. It’s due in theaters on March 13, 2015.


Stellan's youngest son, 17-year-old Valter, continues to make a name for himself in the acting world. His latest role is in a German docudrama called "The Viking Women", which will air as a TV series on German and French television in the spring of 2014. It was filmed in Sweden and Denmark in June. Strangely enough, big brothers Alexander and Gustaf have also played vikings. Alexander has become an international star playing vampire viking Eric Northman in several seasons of HBO's "True Blood" and Gustaf  is featured in History Channel's "Vikings", a Canadian-Irish historical drama television series, which premiered in the US and Canada in March 2013. Valter also appeared recently in the web series "Digicode 1321", consisting of ten episodes that appeared in SVT Play once a week during October and November 2012. 

Here's a great photo of Valter taken ten years ago when he starred with his dad and brother Bill in the Swedish saga, ARN: The Kingdom at the End of the Road".

In July Sweden's Evoque Media Company debuted Z Lifestyle magazine, created for the Carson Rezidor Hotel Group. Aimed at business customers, the magazine is available at 58 hotels in the Nordic countries. The issues contain articles about travel and as well as profile interviews with Scandinavian celebrities. Stellan and sons Gustaf and Bill were featured in the first issue. It included these photos and this blurb:

The Skarsgård family and their father Stellan are such pros! I was able to exchange a few words with Stellan before his shoot. This man works with people like Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp, so a slight dose of narcissism would almost seem appropriate. Turns out I was wrong again! He's as humble and charming as his sons, and he told he how thankful he is to be able to do what he does. And he actually likes sitting in the make-up room before shoots.

I have now added the film page for the 1995 Swedish film, JÖNSSONLIGANS STÖRSTA KUPP (The Jönsson Gang's Greatest Robbery).  It's a crime/comedy flick with a very zany Stellan. You can watch the film online at this link.


Last Sunday the Daily Mail reported that the troubled date for the UK release of ROMEO AND JULIET -  July 26th - has been postponed yet again without an announcement about a new release date. The September 6th release date in the states has been nixed and now we're looking at a limited release on October 11th. As Will Shakespeare might put it, there's something rotten in the state of Denmark! But production house, Relativity Media has denied any problems stating, "Release dates for our movies move around all the time - it's about finding the best place for them in the calendar where we feel that they will do best." Does anybody want to give any credence to this statement? There were high expectations with "Downton Abbey" writer, Julian Fellowes adapting the play to the screen, but the success of the film ultimately falls on the director and leads to pull it off. In this case, it's Italian director Carlos Carlei with stars Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth. Stellan should bring some interest to the age-old tale playing the Prince of Verona.

Update (8/9): Canadian indie distributor D Films has picked up the Canadian rights to the film with a release in that country of October 11.

The Toronto International Film Festival has unveiled a first wave of titles to screen in September, and one will be Jonathan Teplitzsky's Second World War drama, THE RAILWAY MAN, starring Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Stellan. The film has been selected for the premium Gala and Special Presentations program, the festival's high-profile sidebar. The Australian-UK co-production, based on the bestselling novel, tells the extraordinary and epic true story of Eric Lomax, a British Army officer who is tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labor camp. Decades later, Lomax discovers that the Japanese interpreter he holds responsible for much of his treatment is alive and sets out to confront him, and his harrowing past. The film is without a domestic distributor so its premiere in Toronto is gong to be an important one.

Update (8/9): The 61st San Sebastian Film Festival has revealed the first six titles to compete in its Official Selection. Among those six, "The Railway Man"  will compete for the Golden Shell at the festival, which runs from September 20-28.


Hot off the press! Stellan  is in talks with Disney again and this time he's interested in joining the studio's live-action re-imagination of "Cinderella". Should he sign on, Stellan will play the grand duke, an adviser to the king who "just may have ulterior motives." This is the first role that has broken from the established characters from the animated 1950 release. There were a mulitude of names considered for the lead role of Cinderella, but in the end, director Kenneth Branagh decided on British actress Lily James. No surprise that Cate Blanchett was cast to play the wicked stepmother. Filling the roles of the typically ugly stepsisters is "Downtown Abbey's" Sophie McShera, and  Holliday Grainger from "The Borgias". The part of the fairy godmother went to Branagh's recurring co-star, Helena Bonham Carter. Lastly, the role of Prince Charming will be played by Richard Madden of  "Game of Thrones". Great cast! Let's hope Stellan signs on.


The June 23rd edition of Sweden's Expressen featured an article on Stellan's daughter Eija. Being the only girl in the family, she discusses her life with seven brothers. Though her father and four of her brothers have chosen acting careers, she thinks there are enough Hollywood people in the family and has no plans to follow in their footsteps. During her childhood, she says her siblings often took care of each other with a traveling father and a mother who struggled with alcoholism. Eija was definitely not a girly girl and preferred video games to Barbie dolls. At age 14, she accompanied her father and brother Valter to the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean" where she was spotted and soon after a modeling agency called her. She later ended her four-year modeling career saying, "When I hit puberty and got boobs and a butt, they started nagging me to lose weight and so I didn't find it was fun anymore." Today at 21, she is a nightclub manager and  is saving her money to move to New York next year. For now she enjoys spending Sundays with her family admitting her father "is extremely competent at cooking - it's the highlight of the week." I have added more photos to Eija's album and below you'll see a photo which shows Stellan's eight children. Alexander looks like he's hamming it up for perhaps someone's mobile phone. It's the first time we get a glimpse of Kolbjörn, born last August.  Three-year-old Ossian and Kolbjörn are Stellan's children from his second marriage.