Stellan was honored today at the PKO Off Camera Festival in Krakow, Poland. He received the "Against the Current" award for his important contributions to independent filmmaking. Stellan thanked everyone. He said, "It's been great to hear the Swedish language so I have felt at home here. Krakow is a very beautiful city. I am very proud to receive this award. I am also glad that I've had the opportunity to return to Poland and eat soup again." I'm not sure what that means. He then created a hand imprint, which will soon be placed along a special avenue, I suppose similar to what we have in Hollywood. [For more photos, check out the gallery]

He also stood before an audience to take questions. He shared that he still could not figure out how he had become an actor since he had wanted to be a diplomat in his youth. He thinks his choice stems from the desire to create and work with other people. He said it was important to take risks and look at the script for things that nobody else has picked up on. Stellan didn't avoid questions about his private life. With humor, he discussed caring for his youngest children and his passion for cooking. When asked whether he had plans to retire, he replied that he would do so if he became tired or stopped getting interesting offers. The energy he showed at today's event did not lead anyone to believe that would happen any time soon.


As some of you know, I manage three other film web sites though I am salaried for only one. I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever complete any of them. Now that I'm in my 70s with some health issues, I have to consider that I may not walk this earth for that many more years. In that vain, I am attempting to finish the film pages on all sites. Last week I posted the "Timecode" page as well as one for "Good Will Hunting". This weekend I have added another film to the Skarsgrd archives - SIGNS & WONDERS. Having purchased the film booklet published for the 2000 Berlin Int'l Film Festival years ago, I had access to some good information.

Some critics accused the director of anti-American sentiment. Jonathan Nossiter is a man who never hides his political beliefs. He worries much about the danger of globalization, destroying world cultures and human personality with American consumerism. "Signs & Wonders" is very much a reflection of his world outlook. Articulate and animated in his self-expression, Nossiter is passionate about everything: his wine career, his films, his beliefs. He is also incredibly modest. He always refuses praise for his talents in favor of his collaborators. It is easy to understand why Stellan would enjoy working with this man.

One thing that strikes me is the unusual fact that Stellan and Charlotte Rampling also played a married couple in another film that very same year. In 2000 they starred in "Aberdeen". If you haven't seen this masterpiece, I highly recommend it. It certainly belongs in Stellan's top ten roles of his career. And truth be told, I have long had a love affair with Miss Rampling, starting with one of her earliest films - Georgy Girl (1966). As a great admirer of Franois Ozon films, I was mesmerized by her performance in Under the Sand and Swimming Pool, but my all-time favorite has to be the psychosexual Night Porter (1974) with Dirk Bogarde. In total, Charlotte and our Swede have starred together in four films. Don't forget "Melancholia" and "Boogie Woogie".