The DVD and Blu-ray release date for "Borg vs McEnroe" is set for July 3, 2018. It became on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on April 12. When asked about the two famous tennis players, Stellan told the press, "They’re very much alike, actually. But they handle their poor sportsmanship in different ways. Bjorn puts a lid on it, partly thanks to his coach Lennart Bergelin, the part I’m playing. McEnroe doesn’t. But Bjorn, when he was younger, behaved exactly the same way as McEnroe did. It’s something. If winning is the most important thing in your life, you become an anti-social person. In that way, I think McEnroe and Borg are very much alike." You can watch a video interview with Stellan at this youtube link. The second photo below shows a make-up artist working on Stellan for his role.

Who knows for sure if this is for real, but I came across a web site that sells these sweatshirts with different celebrities skateboarding. What next!


A new indie film! Stellan will star in a Norwegian film called HOPE, directed by Maria Sødahl. The film, which is based on a true story, follows Anja, who comes home for Christmas after touring around the world with her dance company. Her companion, Tomas, their three children and other children from previous relationships are having a pre-Christmas celebration. Anja suddenly finds out she has a life-threatening brain metastasis. Her relationship with Tomas is put to the test as both try to find medical miracles. Andrea Bræn Hovig will play Anja while Stellan will play Tomas. TrustNordisk has picked up the film for world sales. Filming is scheduled to begin in mid-January 2019 with a release date set for October 2019.


After so many years, against all odds, Terry Gilliam ultimately succeeded in bringing THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE to the big screen. The film premiered at the closing ceremony at the Cannes Film Festival on May 19th. Attending were the director and cast members Jonathan Pryce, Jordi Molla, Rossy de Palma, Adam Driver, Olga Kurylenko and Stellan. Typically the day included a press conference, photo call and then the screening. Check out the Cannes photo gallery.

Gilliam told the press, "I met Stellan for the first time at the European Film Awards in Copenhagen. He gave such a funny speech to Mads Mikkelsen that I immediately knew that one day I would work with him." Stellan's comments included, "'Don Quixote' is a fantastic book. I find it very human, understandable and quite beautiful. I don't think it has aged that much. We constantly have discussions about the importance of alternative realities and alternative facts... The script was very Terry. Of course, I liked it. I like Terry's universes. He makes films that don't look like anybody else's. I would probably have taken the role even if I hadn't liked the script, just because I wanted to work with Terry."

When Stellan returned from Cannes, Aftonbladet asked him about how he landed this role and he replied, "I do not remember if Terry rang or not. It was no remarkable role but I have admired him ever since Monty Python. He is a f**king funny guy."

Aftonbladet also questioned about an old friend in the movie business. At the time that 86-year-old Hans Alfredson passed away last September, Stellan laid low but now he says he can talk about Hasse commenting, "It's awful when funerals become like red carpet funerals". How true! Stellan told the newspaper, "I met him the last time on his 80th birthday. Even then he wanted to die. He did not have fun anymore and he was one who had the need to have fun. Hasse was very important to me. We made several movies together. And wrote one together - 'Jim and piraterna Blom'. And 'The Simple-Minded Murderer' was the film that got me an agent and started my international career."

Finally, Stellan recalled his presence at Cannes through the years saying he'd gone "more than five times, less than ten". He continued, "The first time was for 'Breaking the Waves'. Emily Watson called up Lars von Trier so he could hear the standing ovation on the phone as he had left before the gala show ended. It's a nice memory."


WHERE IS MERYL? The final trailer has arrived for the "MAMMA MIA" sequel at this link.  Scott Medelson of Forbes writes, "Meryl Streep is still nowhere to be found in the 'present-tense' footage of this new trailer. It’s a little ghoulish to consider that Universal/Comcast Corp.’s marketing campaign is essentially using 'Is Donna dead and how did she die?' as a kind of mystery to drive interest in this musical sequel."

Chris Evangelista of Slash Film writes, "Based on this trailer, I’m assuming Meryl Streep’s character is dead, or possibly in the witness protection program. Perhaps the actress was too busy to film a full part... There’s approximately .03 seconds of Ms. Streep, while the rest of the original cast (and some new faces) dance their asses off. "

Finally, Yohana Desta of Vanity Fair writes, "What’s going on with Meryl Streep’s character in 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again?' This trailer focuses mostly on flashbacks to Donna in her younger years as she first journeyed to the Greek isle of Kalokairi... As the trailer flashes back and forth between the past and present, we also get a look at certified daddy Andy Garcia, who’s joining the sequel to play a character named Fernando. Though the corresponding ABBA song “Fernando” is about two old friends reminiscing about war and life on the battlefield, it seems like the film will remix its meaning and turn it into a lovelorn ballad sung by Cher (who plays Sophie’s domineering grandmother, Ruby). Fernando and Ruby also do a sort of gentle two-step together as fireworks go off in the distance, further evidence that something romantique is brewing between these two. All in all, everyone is having the time of their life in this trailer—except for Donna. Who’s definitely dead. Right?"