This week the successful Norwegian indie film, KRAFTIDIOTEN, (aka "In Order of Disappearance") was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival as part of the Spotlight Selections. The reviews continue to be excellent!

Director Hans Petter Moland was interviewed and asked about working with Stellan. He responded:

The reason why he pops up everywhere is because he is one of the greatest actors living. This is being recognized by his Hollywood colleagues and indie directors alike. It is that simple. This is our 4th film together. We are good friends and have great trust in each other. I think filmmaking is a very risky undertaking, but you cannot shy away from it. You might as well take those risks. We like to egg each other on and help each other in taking them. We take delight in flying without a safety net.

In terms of directing Stellan, we have a shorthand that is valuable since we have done so much together. I know he enjoys working with me. He has gotten good roles and has publicly said they have been some of the best roles of his career. When we work together it also gives him the opportunity to get beyond the obvious. We rehearse, not to set things in stone, but to get everybody up to speed and explore and re explore the material. To me, this is what filmmaking is about. It is what I do as a screenwriter; what I do with my design team; what I do with my composer, cinematographer and editor. It is all about exploring and refining. In doing that with Stellan, he likes to be challenged. He knows it is dangerous anyway so we might as well do something that defies the fears apparent in most actors.

Swedish film critic Gunnar Rehlin had lunch with Stellan at the Restaurant Nytorget 6 in Stockholm last month. Most of this interview has been previously reported but here's a photo from the Fokus magazine article. Rehlin appears to have a strong friendship with our star having written his biography called "Stellan" back in 2000. What a shame that book has not yet been translated!

Bill Skarsgård has made the cover of  UK's Hero magazine with an interview by his own father. Photographer and Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane was hired to shoot the cover featuring Bill's boyish innocence that lends itself well to Slimane's signature black and white portraits. The magazine says the "Hemlock Grove" star oozes power and youth, a perfect representation of Hero's celebration of the Shift Zero generation, the youngsters of our time. The Netflix original series premiered a year ago and with its success, the second season will be launched on July 11, 2014.


Last Friday filming took place for OUR KIND OF TRAITOR at England's Waddesdon Manor in the heart of Buckinghamshire. On location were Stellan and co-stars Ewan McGregor, Naomi Harris and Damian Lewis. The crew and stars filmed on location at the National Trust property using everything from the dining room and conservatory to the front of the house. The manor stood in for a tennis club in Paris. Yesterday Ewan McGregor was on a London set which is being used for the Switzerland scenes where a portion of the novel is set. He was seen sporting long hair for his leading role as a British university lecturer.

As predicted by most cinephiles, FRANKIE & ALICE failed to produce much enthusiasm after being released in theaters this past weekend. Prior to shooting the film in late 2008, actress Halle Berry, the movie’s star and one of its producers, secured and lost the rights to the story many times over a 10-year period. She perservered but the ultimate production did not succeed. It certainly doesn't help to have over eight writers sharing credit for the screenplay and story. Despite the quality of Ms. Berry's performance as well as Stellan's. the concensus of the critics is that the film is more suited to cable TV viewing.

Also recently released in the states is THE RAILWAY MAN scoring about 65% on the Tomatometer. UK critics were not as happy with the casting of a Swede playing a Scotsman and apparently Stellan did not even attempt a proper accent. Overall, his performance was noted with praise. Chris Vognar of Dallas News wrote, "Stellan Skarsgård, as Eric’s repressed war buddy, provides a stoic gravitas that makes you wish he’d been around to play a hardened skeptic in a few Ingmar Bergman films."  Starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, the film gave audiences an old-fashioned war story with echoes of "The Bridge on the River Kwai". For UK fans, the Blu-ray edition will be released on May 5th.