On Friday the documentary called "Hotellet" was released in theaters in Sweden. It premiered in that country on February 5th at the Göteborg Film Festival. Written and directed by Kristian Petri, it is the last part of a trilogy about travel. The first two were "The Atlantic" (1995) and "The Lighthouse" (2000). In his new essay film, Petri goes in search of historic hotels along with hotel connoisseurs such as Stellan! "Hotellet" (Hotel) is a 82-minute documentary about the relationship between people with a type of temporary housing that can be a refuge, paradise, hell, lifestyle or fantasy. In interviews famous people share what hotels mean to them. Lars Norén talks about his upbringing in a city hotel and Stellan about his relationship with the legendary Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles.

Last Saturday Stellan and son Alex were spotted at a concert featuring Håkan Hellström at the Gramercy Theatre in Manhattan. It was the Swedish musician's first gig in New York. Father and son then hung out at the after party downstairs, and according to Expressen, Stellan said he had to work late and therefore missed the beginning of the show. "But what I saw was very cool," he said.

Here's a second poster just released for OUR KIND OF TRAITOR, premiering in two weeks in the UK. Very slick!

And a couple new production stills and movie stills:


Look who's on the cover of the April edition of Swedish magazine King. Great photos!


Here's a gem for you on youtube! It's a 30-minute film with Stellan discussing beer. Yes, it's in Swedish but you'll still enjoy it. He looks very suave! Systembolaget produced the film in 1994 and it shows how beer is made. Check it out at this link.


For those living in Sweden, you're in for a special treat. The Swedish telefilm, "Den tragiska historien om Hamlet - prinz av Danmark" is now available online at this link. Directed by Ragnar Lyth and filmed in the Stockholm area, the film stars Stellan in the leading role of Hamlet. In the book, "A History of Shakespeare on Screen", author Kenneth Rothwell writes, "It is truly a bizarre Hamlet, not quite like any other and yet too close to the essence of Shakespeare's play for summary dismissal, throwing out an aura of being but not being Hamlet, as if all the characters had been filtered through some kind of a gauzy lens and emerged only partially recognizable but nevertheless certificably themselves." The 75-minute film originally aired in Sweden on January 7, 1985 and can be watched online by Swedish viewers through July 20, 2016. As you can see from the photos below, the youthful Stellan has a strong resemblance to his son Alex.

Here are some photos of son Bill at the New York premiere of "Allegiant" (The Divergent series) at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater on March 14. His beautiful guest is not identified. Besides this film, he will be starring in two more 2016 films - "Emperor" and "Battlecreek".  What a handsome guy!

The poster for the upcoming OUR KIND OF TRAITOR has been released. Cool!