With Stellan receiving three awards in the past couple weeks, it's no wonder that he's the man of the hour in Sweden. This past weekend he continued to participate in the Gothenburg Film Festival with the screening of "The Painted Bird" and holding a Master Class. Variety published an overview of Stellan's Master Class at the festival. You can read it at this link.

This was part of his acceptance speech - "I'm of course extremely grateful for this. I've been to this film festival so many times and it took about 30 years to get this award. It's a festival that is very close to me, it's one of my favorite festivals in the world. Because of the no fuss, no nonsense, no glitter and absolute dedication to good cinema. And you always have a lot of fun here. And I'm incredibly grateful, thank you very much."

He was also a guest on Sweden's TV morning show with Anders Pihlblad.


With the six-hour time difference, we have photos of Stellan receiving the Nordic Honorary Dragon Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival held this evening. You can watch him receive his award at this link.

In a recent interview, Stellan was asked about his acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards.  He said, "The thank you speech was half-spontaneous ... I came upon it during the day. It's so sad when people stand and bicker lots of names nobody knows." [I totally agree]

Stellan also shared how he spent the holidays relating how the family had opted to celebrate in Sri Lanka - 25 of them at a very small hotel. They enjoyed the sun, swimming and card games. The family traveled from Sri Lanka to Qatar to Stockholm and upon his return, Stellan flew alone to Los Angeles via Frankfurt. As usual, he stayed at the Chateau Marmont.

According to Stellan, after the awards ceremony, there were four different parties - "Hollywood Foreign Press Association organizing the gala, HBO who produced the TV series, my agency CAA, and then there was a party at the hotel. I got to bed at 2:00 AM. All parties are all about networking. I'm bad at that."

A week after the Golden Globe Awards, Stellan won the Critic's Choice Award for his role in "Chernobyl". He didn't attend because he didn't want to stay a whole week in Los Angeles on the chance he might win. And how does he feel about winning prizes? He answered, "It will not change my life. At the same time, when you win, there is some little insecure boy inside who becomes very happy."

In March filming will begin in Finland and Sweden on Chinese director Ran Huang's WHAT REMAINS, a film about the double dependency between doctor and patient. Stellan's son Gustaf will play the male lead with Stellan in a small role as a cop. The female lead will be played by Vicky Krieps, who received her breakthrough in "Phantom Thread". The film's script was co-written by wife Megan and the director. Ran Huang is a Chinese artist, and this will be his feature film directorial debut. The film is a co-production between Sweden, England and Finland.

Gustaf's brothers Alexander and Bill will also be busy in March as filming begins in Northern Ireland for Robert Egger's film "The Northman", in which the two will star.

With the Oscars approaching, I would like to point out that the list of submissions from each country included two of Stellan's films though neither one made it to the final list of nominations - "The Painted Bird" from the Czech Republic and "Out Stealing Horses" from Norway.


Who'd thunk we'd read about Stellan sitting in the front row along a fashion catwalk! Yes, he was in Milan on Monday at the Giorgio Armani Fashion Show, part of Milan Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020/21.

In the photos below, Stellan poses with his wife, Giorgio Armani and Golden Globe winner Taron Egerton. Personally, I wouldn't associate the word "fashionistas" with the Skarsgård couple, but what do I know... For more photos, view the gallery.


The 43rd edition of Sweden's Gothenburg Film Festival will honor Stellan with the prestigious Nordic Honorary Dragon Award for lifetime achievement. A retrospective will be featured with some of his many films. Stellan will also present the Nordic premiere of Oscar hopeful "The Painted Bird", in which he co-stars, and will host a master class during the festival, which runs from January 24 to February 3, 2020.


Congratulations to Stellan for winning the "Best Supporting Actor" award in a Limited Series for HBO's CHERNOBYL at the Golden Globe Awards tonight! CHERNOBYL also deservingly picked up the award for "Best Limited Series".

You can view Stellan's acceptance speech at this link.  And you can check out the photo gallery.

Jordoan Crucchiola, "When you win an award, don’t forget to thank all the obvious people: your agent, manager, spouse, partner, kids (then tell them to go to bed lol!), inspiring middle-school theater teacher, your incredible cast, etc. But Chernobyl star Stellan Skarsgård, a true Hollywood veteran, knows where his money is made, and that is in the makeup trailer. Skarsgård won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, and he’s pretty sure what finally pushed him over the edge into being an award-winner is the fact that a makeup specialist finally gave him eyebrows, at last making his face more memorable to viewers and voters everywhere. Hair, prosthetics, and makeup designer Daniel Parker, this trophy is dedicated to you!"

Abby Hepworth, "When you win an award, it makes sense to thank those who made your success possible. Your parents, your coworkers, others who helped you along the way. It is rather unusual, however, to thank your eyebrows, but that's exactly what Stellan Skarsgård did while accepting a Golden Globe for Best Supporting TV Actor for his role in HBO's Chernobyl. He began his speech in the normal fashion before going on to tell a story about being told that while his performances are always enjoyable, no one can ever remember his face, a problem when one makes a career off their appearance as actors do. Skarsgård presented his theory that this is likely because he has no eyebrows (to be clear, he has eyebrows, they're just very blonde). However, he went on to explain that as part of his costume for Chernobyl he was given much a more pronounced pair of brows before saying, 'and now...' and gesturing to his shiny new award."

Anne T. Donahue, "While most of us would die for the cast of Succession, it can't be argued that Stellan Skarsgård didn't deserve the Globe for best supporting actor for his work as Boris Shcherbina in Chernobyl, the HBO miniseries based on the worst nuclear disaster of the 20th century. His performance was powerful, affecting, and the type that makes it impossible to stop thinking about for days on end. And to make this moment even better, he thanked those responsible for giving him eyebrows in this role. Which, personally, is something I not only applaud, but relate to. Stellan forever!"

Hans Österman, "Stellan Skarsgård, 68, won a Golden Globe for his role in the HBO success Chernobyl... From the stage, he thanked Milos Forman and his makeup artist - for getting a pair of eyebrows. Stellan announced, 'Milos Forman said to me many years ago: "Stellan, I have seen so many movies with you but I will never remember your face!" 'And I realized it was because I didn't have any eyebrows. No one can see if I'm angry or surprised. It's not like Colin Farrell - you can see if he's angry at three miles. So for this movie Daniel Parker made a pair of eyebrows for me and ...' Stellan Skarsgård did not finish the sentence. He raised his hand with the statue in the air and received the audience's cheers. Last year, son Alexander Skarsgård managed to win a Golden Globe for his role in the TV series Big Little Lies."