More photos from Monday night:


I also came across a couple photos taken on October 15, 2017 at the BFI London Film Festival. Stellan and wife Megan attended the after party for the UK premiere & Closing Night Gala for "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri". They're shown talking with the film's director Martin McDonagh.

In an interview this week, Stellan addressed the Hollywood sex scandals saying he had never witnessed these assaults. He said, "To me, it was a shock when I read all these stories. I have not seen any of this happen. This must lead to change." Stellan has made a couple of films with Harvey Weinstein. He told the press, "The rumors I heard were mostly about how cruel he was against directors and how many directors he had destroyed. I had no idea of this sexual stuff."



Last night Stellan attended the Guldbagge Awards after being nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Lennart "Labbe" Bergelin in BORG/MCENROE. Stellan was apparently astonished claiming, "I did not think I would win. I had such tough competition." He has previously won the Swedish award for Best Actor for Täcknamn Coq Rouge (1989) and Den enfaldige mördaren (1982). He told the press, "It's the first Swedish film I've done in 20 years, so it's been fun to be back and work with Swedish actors and to speak my own language." He also shared that he is totally uninterested in the subject matter of the film - "I'm not interested in sports, not even interested in sports movies, but this movie goes beyond all that. It's about people in a very nice way."


Yup, he won the SAG Award for "Big Little Lies"!! Congratulations, Alex!

* * * * *

Prince William and Kate will meet two of Sweden's biggest Hollywood stars during their forthcoming visit to the country. The royal couple will touch down in Stockholm on January 30th and spend two days there before moving on to Norway on February 1st as part of a four-day official tour of Scandinavia. On Tuesday evening the royals will attend a black tie dinner alongside PM Stefan Löfven at the Residence of the British Ambassador in the Swedish capital. Attending the event will be Stellan and Alicia Vikander.


The 2018 Sundance Film Festival has announced its lineup of feature films and LORDS OF CHAOS is an official selection for the Midnight program. I'm reporting this because 22-year-old Valter Skarsgård is among the cast, which also includes Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer and Sky Ferreira. The film, directed by Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund, tells the story of Mayhem, a Norwegian black metal band involved in a spate of highly publicized church burnings whose infighting eventually leads to a murder. It is based on the novel by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind. The festival will run from January 18-28 in Park City, Utah.


Last summer Stellan was filming THE PAINTED BIRD, directed by Vaclav Marhoul. Here is the first poster as well as several portraits of Stellan on location. The latest news is that the film will not be released until 2019. Although the novel by Jerzy Kosiński. has been perceived as highly controversial since its publication in 1965, it has won global recognition and several prestigious literary awards. It is a deeply dramatic story examining the immediate relationship between terror and cruelty on one side and innocence and love on the other. It also stars Julian Sands and Harvey Keitel as a Catholic priest! Holy terrors!

In an interview in September with the Czech Republic media, Stellan spoke about this film project - "It's a great book that excited me years ago when I read it for the first time. I met Vaclav Marhoul, the director of the adaptation, years ago. His sister was married to one of my friends. I didn't hear from him for a long time and he turned to me with this bizarre project a few years ago. My role cannot really be called a role. I only have two filming days, but I wanted to do this film. In addition, I love filming in Prague. I spent a lot of time here during the shooting of Borg/McEnroe. I very much appreciate the Czech film traditions and professionalism in which local people approach their craft."

He also explained how moviemaking has changed over the years. - "When I started working for the studio in the 1980s, the American market meant everything. Big money was made by the film industry exclusively behind the ocean. The United States is so xenophobic that there could only be a villain from a foreigner with an accent. Nowadays, it is mainly about the global market, so actors from all over the world are getting the chance."

Stellan continues, "From a professional and artistic point of view, low cost films are usually more interesting. You do not have expensive backdrops, special effects or costumes, so you have to tighten the whole movie with your personality. And that's just a challenge. In addition, the director's word is far more weightful, which is not ideal for me, but usually good for the final result... I hate listening to orders and instructions. I respect the directors, but I will give my own take. So it sometimes gets a little heated. On the other hand, I admit that the film is and must be theirs. There are actors who are trying to take over the whole movie, which is wrong. Every good film is primarily a reflection of his director's personal vision - that's a rule... You do not have anything like that on big productions. There, everything follows a clearly defined equation of success. And you feel like a little kid playing in a silly, colorful environment. It does not have much to do with acting."

"Medium-sized productions, around which the best directors, screenwriters and actors have turned, no longer exist... On the one hand, you have movies with budgets that are well over a quarter of a billion dollars. They sell all the popcorn. On the other hand, there are two million films for fans of art cinematography. But in the middle of the past years it has been empty. Medium-sized productions, usually directed by the best directors, screenwriters and actors, no longer exist. They disappeared.  Fortunately, everyone has returned to television and enjoys the newly found freedoms. Suddenly, they have a story that they had to tell in the ninety minutes, ten, twenty, thirty hours. I experienced it myself during the recording of River and I tell you it was a great experience."

And he admits, "Every day I struggle with fear. Once I sign the contract, I get nervous. I'm terribly nervous. And do you know what's worse? It does not improve by age or experience."

Here's a nice photo of Stellan's 22-year-old son Valter with his mom.


In regard to the premiere of his animated film, GORDON & PADDY, Stellan gave an interview declaring how he loves Swedish children's culture. "To speak of national pride, I am very proud of Sweden and the Nordic countries in the field of children's literature, which I love... In many other countries, children are often treated as very valuable belongings to be protected at all costs, adorned, but do not have their own lives."

Melinda Kinnaman, who does the voice of Paddy, says, "It's so wonderful that you do not overcome the kids with effects and fast clips. Through this, the children will be allowed to reflect and use their own imagination," Stellan agrees: "I like the low-key and thoughtful pace. Our children are rushed today with animated productions that shout at them all the time... They come out after watching a movie with a sort of 'sugar rush'... To me, movies are just like literature and music. It is important to keep the brain open to other angles and ways to look at reality. The culture triggers empathy and helps us understand. It does not make us automatically good people, but it is unmistakable: if we stop being cultural goods, we stop being civilized. It is therefore important that the children have access to it."

This month has been a good one for eldest son Alexander as he picked up both a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Award for his work on the HBO series "Big Little Lies.". He has been nominated for a SAG for "Lies" as well so this Sunday we'll see if he's honored once more. Remember he won an Emmy back in September. If you watched the Globes, you'll know that Alex gave a shout-out to his 8-year-old half-brother Ossian.