Germany, 2017, 106 min.

director.gif (905 bytes)Volker Schlöndorff


Stellan Skarsgård - Max Zorn
Nina Hoss - Rebecca
Niels Arestrup - Walter
Robert Seeliger - Jonathan
Susanne Wolff - Clara



Berlinale - February 15, 2017




A sentimental and romantic drama. Writer Max Zorn travels to NYC for a week to publicize his latest book and to do a reading at the New York Public Library. His wife Clara arrived in NY a few months earlier to do an internship at a publishing house to study e-booking. Max suspects she is having an affair with one of the publishers. The story revolves around a short, passionate love affair that Max had with a much younger woman 17 years ago. Rebecca is originally from East Germany and has been living in NY for the past 20 years as a successful lawyer. The two go on a second weekend to Montauk where the two contemplate a life spent together that might have been.

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Filming began in late April 2016 in NYC and Long Island and ended on June 4th in Berlin. Director: "I have rarely had so much joy in filming. The actors were just great. Nina Hoss is a dream woman par excellence. Susanne Wolff will be a discovery for many and Stellan Skarsgård may have found the role of a lifetime even more than in 'River'."

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