Sweden, 92 minutes, 1987

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Hans Alfredson


Jonas Åkerblom - Jim
Ewa Fröling - Siv, Jim's Mother
Jan Malmsjö - Ove Bengtsson
Mats Bergman - Dummer-Jöns
Stig Olin - Potatis-Algot
Stellan Skarsgård - Gustav, Jim's Father
Hans Alfredson - Kolavippen
Lena T. Hansson - Inez
Kenneth Milldoff - Bruno
Catharina Alinder - Lisa
My Skarsgård - Mother
Sam Skarsgård - Little child


Hans Alfredson & Stellan Skarsgård based on stories from the comic strip


12 February 1987 in Sweden

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The death of Jim’s father weighs on his heart like a heavy black stone. But Jim has a wonderful imagination which magically transports him to the land where his father now lives – a land filled with adventure...


In Sweden, the popular post-WWII newspaper cartoon strip created by Steve Terry was known as Jim & the Pirates instead of Terry and the Pirates, its U.S. moniker. In this children's story based on some of the stories from that strip, a pre-teen boy receives counseling from his dead father's ghost on how to cope with new developments in his life from his mother's getting a new boyfriend to the fine art of chopping onions. The boy learns a pretty good trick from his father's shade which enables him to use his imagination to turn a boring birthday party into an ocean adventure among pirates.    ...All Movie Guide