director.gif (905 bytes)Janus Metz


Sverrir Gudnason - Bjrn Borg
Shia LaBeouf - John McEnroe
Stellan Skarsgrd - Lennart "Labbe" Bergelin
Tuva Novotny - Mariana Simionescu
Robert Emms - Vitas Gerulaitis
Ian Blackman - McEnroe's father


Sweden - September 15, 2017


 The heated rivalry between Swede Bjorn Borg and American John McEnroe is the centerpiece of a new film on the famous battles between the tennis greats both on and off the court. The film traces the rivalry between the two tennis players at the 1980 Wimbledon final, considered to be one of the best tennis matches ever played. It was their different styles of playing tennis as well as their temperament that made their rivalry more intense in the eyes of spectators.

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